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Tesla opens its workshop, shows off more Model S prototypes

Tim Stevens

It's expected that when the Tesla Model S hits full production it'll be rolling out of the company's newly acquired facility in Fremont, California -- formerly the NUMMI plant jointly owned by General Motors and Toyota. For now, though, the cars are being put together at Tesla HQ in Palo Alto and the company invited some media to go check things out. GigaOM has some pictures showing various Teslas in various states of disassembly, including motor and rear suspension assemblies about to be bolted in, and Chief Engineer Peter Rawlinson talking about the car's massive front radiator assembly. Oh, and the matte orange models? No, they're sadly not the first examples of a special General Lee edition. Those cars are destined to be run into various walls at various speeds to test the car's performance in a crash, much like this poor Volvo was. Do spare a thought.

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