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Apple approves "gay cure" app, then removes it on 3/22


Update: The app has been removed from the store as of 3/22, per CoM.

Today, everyone has their knickers in a twist over yet another controversial app that Apple allowed into the App Store. According to the Register, an application that helps customers discover "freedom from homosexuality" can be purchased from Apple's iTunes-based store. Activist organization Truth Wins Out has a petition asking Apple to remove the app.

Rather than to go into details or express any opinions, TUAW prefers to point back to TJ Luoma's excellent post from a few months ago that says everything there really needs to be said on the topic.

TUAW contacted Apple for a statement and will update the post in the event that we receive a reply.

Please feel free to discuss Apple, censorship, and App Store in the comment thread for this post. Posts that discuss other posters, the morality of the application in question, or any issues of lifestyle choice or biological imperative may result in your comments being deleted and you being banned from this site.

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