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Dragon Age 2 for $40 on Amazon today, more games in lightning deals

Justin McElroy

Spring's in full swing, and you know what that means: Time for young love to start blossoming. Why not mix it up this year -- in a manner that's in no way sad -- and fall in love with video games? Today, Amazon's offering up a season's worth of affairs with Gold Box deals all day on potential digital love interests.

Why, right now you could have a fling with Dragon Age 2 for just $40, and there are some equally attractive offerings to come, judging by Thrifty Nerd's list of guesses. Are they all beauties? Nope. But it's spring! Let yourself live a little.

  • 9 AM EST: De Blob 2
  • 11 AM EST: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
  • 2 PM EST: Bulletstorm
  • 5 PM EST: Earforce X31 Digital RF Wireless Game Audio + Xbox Live Chat
  • 7 PM EST: Dead Space 2
  • 10 PM EST: You Don't Know Jack

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