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Tunebug readies the Rumble, adds speakerphone capabilities to its SurfaceSound speakers

Joanna Stern

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Back at CES we took a look at Tunebug's Bluetooth Shake and Vibe speakers, which for those that need a quick refresher, turns any surface into a speaker with SurfaceSound technology. Well, now the company has landed here at CTIA Wireless with a more mobile focused product -- the Rumble. The package actually includes that aforementioned Shake (although, in this case it's being called the TuneRing), which is the triangular shaped part that turns any surface into an impromptu speaker, but the TunePad is really the key addition. That's the base part that you're peering at above, and not only does it provide a surface for the Shake, but it also now has a microphone to morph the package into a Bluetooth speakerphone. We got a look at the whole shebang on display here at the show, and while we couldn't get a handle on the sound quality in a room full of rowdy tech journalists, it did seem surprisingly loud. The $149 kit also comes with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack, USB to 3.5mm charging cable, and a helmet mount. Ironically, the Rumble isn't actually ready to rumble yet -- you'll have to wait for this summer, but hit the gallery below for some hands-on shots.

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