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3DS update adds 3D OK Go video to home screen

Justin McElroy

The alt-rockers of OK Go have made a career of staging elaborate videos to garner attention for their music, but their new stunt may be the oddest yet: They're sneaking into 3DS systems. That's right, updating your 3DS on Sunday will beam OK Go's 3D video "White Knuckles" right to your home screen.

The video will be deleted with the following update, so savor its three-dimensional dog-training amusements while you can. If you want a preview, you can watch the video in stupid, revolting 2D after the break.

Side note: Our friends with Japanese 3DS systems got a similar update, but with a video of Koji Kondo and some other Nintendo folks playing the Super Mario theme. Feel free to argue about who's getting the better end of that deal.

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