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ARGO Online kicks off third closed beta phase

Jef Reahard

Yesterday marked the successful completion of ARGO Online's second closed beta phase. Today, the sci-fi, steampunk, and fantasy-flavored free-to-play MMO kicks off phase three, which is slated to run through March 30th. If you've participated in any of the earlier phases, you're already registered and will be able to access the new beta using your pre-existing account credentials.

Phase three adds a guild system and an auction house to ARGO's post-apocalyptic world, and players will be able to continue testing all of the previously implemented systems. burda:ic has also released a few statistics from phase two of the beta, including the most popular Noblian class (the Explorer), the most popular Floresslah class (the Druid), and the distribution of Noblian vs. Floresslah players (51 percent to 49 percent). Check out the official ARGO Online website for more information or to sign up for beta.

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