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Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra gets in the video game concert game

Hey, Video Games Live isn't the only contender in the market for orchestral performances of ludological accompaniment, you know. The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra -- for those unfamiliar with their Midwest geography, that's Dayton, Ohio -- is putting together a game-themed show, aptly titled PLAY.

The show will feature the DPO and a 60-strong choir featuring singers from three local high schools, all of whom will perform tracks from titles such as Dragon Age: Origins. They'll also be playing an entire Castlevania suite, created by Fringe, Lost, and Star Trek orchestral composer Chad Seiter. If you reside in the Buckeye State and don't have plans for March 31 -- wait, what are we saying? Nobody plans that far ahead. Just go, you silly goose.

[Image Credit: Flickr user masamunecyrus]

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