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Indie game 'Bob Came in Pieces' bundled with FantomenK album


A new socially enmeshed "flash sale platform," Groupees, has wrapped its first bundle in a Swedish theme, offering a downloadable indie game, Bob Came in Pieces, alongside music from indie electronica artist FantomenK (that's a MySpace link, by the way). It launched at $5 on Wednesday, but has since switched to a pay-what-you-want deal with a $2 minimum.

Developed by Ludosity Interactive, Bob Came in Pieces has you collecting parts for a customizable spaceship, solving physics-based puzzles and generally bumping into a lot of colorful things. In the words of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, it's a rather adorable "floaty-spaceship platform game." There's a demo of it on Steam, where it usually sells for $10.

The DRM-free bundle also contains original concept art for the game, and 6 unreleased FantomenK tracks in addition to the LP, "The Massacre." According to Groupees CEO Thomas Brooke, the two Swedish entities will collaborate and develop a free Bob level featuring FantomenK tunes if sales exceed 15,000 by the time deal expires at 12PM ET on Saturday.

Brooke claims more promotions are being lined up with indie developers "from around the world," though we're not in a hurry to leave Sweden just yet -- not until they bundle The Dream Machine with Roxette's greatest hits.

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