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World of Tanks offers pre-order packages that come with your very own toy tank


Unless you're very, very rich or a movie kid powered by a montage, chances are you'll never have a tank to call your own in life. Fortunately, is getting ready to hand us the next best thing: keys to a virtual tank when World of Tanks launches on April 12th.

Fans looking to stock up on goodies for launch should be interested in World of Tanks' pre-purchase program. While the game itself is free-to-play, it will be funded by microtransactions via in-game gold. Until April 12th, players have the opportunity to shell out for one of three pre-order packages to get a good discount on the cost of gold (around 10%) as well as snag a unique tank that comes with special abilities. The "heavy" package will feature the American M6A2E1 tank, the "medium" package has the German Pz. Kpfw. V/IV, and the "light" offers the Soviet A-32 tank.

North American players can look over the pre-order packages here, while the European gamers must travel afar to a completely different website. In the meantime, check out 12 brand-new World of Tanks screenies below!

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