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EVE Online's sixth CSM election results are in


The elections for EVE Online's sixth Council of Stellar Management have come to a close, and earlier today the results were revealed to both excited Fanfest attendees in Iceland and players at home. In previous years, the CSM's role was to collect issues players had with the game and bring them to the attention of developers. This role has morphed over time into a more advisory form, with CCP running ideas by the council and using them to help prioritise the development backlog. This year's elections were heavily influenced by political voting from EVE's nullsec alliances. Organised voting secured spots on the council for several big players in territorial warfare, and a few old faces returned for a further term.

Political voting isn't necessarily a bad thing for the CSM, as players who are heavily involved in EVE are still the types of people we want to see on the council. CCP employees can't also be power players in the game, so they miss out on the perspective that alliance leaders and other heavily involved players will have. Participation was huge this year, with a total of 49,069 votes being cast in a two-week period. This represents 14.25% of the total accounts eligible to vote, an increase over last year's 12.67%.

Read on for a full rundown of the elected members of EVE's sixth Council of Stellar Management.

Meet the council

This year, the chairperson role was secured by Goonswarm spymaster The Mittani with a record 5,365 votes. Making it into the CSM as full council members are Seleene, UAxDeath, Trebor Daehdoow, Killer2, White Tree, Vile Rat, Meissa Anunthiel and Draco Llasa. In the event of their absence or inability to continue as part of the CSM, alternate council members Elise Randolph, Prometheus Exenthal, Krutoj, Two Step and Darius III will take over. Below is a summary of this year's CSM members and how many votes they received, along with their campaign information from our CSM roundup.

Council Chairman: 5,365 votes

Name: Alexander Gianturco
EVE character: The Mittani
Corporation: GoonWaffe(GEWNS)
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation(CONDI)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread

Goon spymaster The Mittani believes that every other CSM candidate is lying to us about the issues he/she plans to address, as he suggests the CSM has no ability to influence game design decisions or put forward solutions. If elected, he plans to expose the hypocrisy he sees in the entire CSM process and attempt to fundamentally change the CSM into something he finds more useful.

Council Member: 3813 votes

Name: Mark Heard
EVE character: Seleene
Corporation: Body Count Inc.(BDCI)
Alliance: Cascade Imminent(FAIL)
Useful links: Campaign website, Campaign thread, Lost in EVE debate

Seleene was leader of the Mercenary Coalition and part of CCP's game design team (as CCP Abathur) for several years. He plans to focus on getting CCP to iterate on existing gameplay.

Council Member: 3320 votes

Name: Mikhail Romanchenko
EVE character: UAxDEATH
Corporation: The xDEATHx Squadron(XDSQX)
Alliance: Legion of xXDEATHXx(X.I.X)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread

UAxDEATH is the CEO and Founder of Legion of xXDEATHXx, EVE's largest Russian corporation. Most of his campaign materials are written exclusively in Russian and are aimed at EVE's sizable Russian community.

Council Member: 3306 votes

Name: Robert Woodhead
EVE character: Trebor Daehdoow
Corporation: Sane Industries Inc.(S.I.I)
Alliance: Initiative Mercenaries(IM)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread, Lost in EVE debate

Trebor Daehdoow was a strong contributing member of CSM 5, on which he was the primary editor for almost all the CSM blogs and summit reports. He also created a prioritisation crowdsourcing strategy to determine which issues in the CSM in-progress list should be resolved first. Trebor is running for re-election to keep the pressure on CCP. As a matter of public record, Trebor attended every single CSM meeting during his term in CSM 5.

Council Member: 2925 votes

Name: Tim Pluples
EVE character: Killer2
Corporation: 4S Corporation(4S)
Alliance: Morsus Mihi(RAWR)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread

Killer2 wishes to follow in the footsteps of Vuk Lau and Elvenlord to obtain a full seat on the council. He's running on a platform of holding CCP accountable for bugs found in EVE and convincing the team to work through the issues in the CSM backlog.

Council Member: 2539 votes

Name: Ross Andrew McDermott
EVE character: White Tree
Corporation: Dreddit(B0RT)
Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore(TEST)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread

White Tree is pushing for some very specific changes to the game. He believes that armour ships have become ineffective in PvP, hybrid weapons have been neglected, Caldari tech 2 cruisers require a boost, starbases need to be revamped, and CCP must continue improvements to the new player experience. He also believes CCP should explore new ideas for the improvement of skills but has yet to elaborate on any specific improvements he would put forward or why they're needed.

Council Member: 2240 votes

Name: Sean Smith
EVE character: Vile Rat
Corporation: GoonWaffe(GEWNS)
Alliance: Goonswarm Federation(CONDI)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread

Vile Rat is one of two GoonSwarm entries and is running on a platform of restoring EVE to a greatness he believes it once had. He sees that nullsec warfare has become the domain of massive power blocs flying homogeneous fleets and that only a few classes of ship are considered viable in this endgame. If elected, Vile Rat aims to work with CCP to resolve these issues.

Council Member: 2086 votes

Name: Stephan Pirson
EVE character: Meissa Anunthiel
Corporation: Redshift Industrial(RS-I)
Alliance: Rooks and Kings(HARK)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread, Lost in EVE debate

Meissa Anunthiel was an active member of CSM 3 and 5 and an alternate in CSM 2 and 4. He believes his past experience will help speed up the CSM process significantly. He is running on a platform of pushing CCP toward fixing existing content and making sure that Incarna lives up to expectations. As a matter of public record, Meissa was absent from six CSM meetings during her last term, of which three were excused.

Council Member: 1968 votes

Name: Robert Weatherly
EVE character: Draco Llasa
Corporation: Thundercats(HOO)
Alliance: RAZOR Alliance(-RZR-)
Useful links: Campaign thread

Draco is an all-around EVE player with experience in many areas of the game. His campaign is focused on addressing lag, fixing lowsec, getting rid of bots, boosting Gallente ships and hybrid weapons, and boosting black ops battleships. He wishes to hold CCP accountable to the player community and ensure that old features aren't left to die.

Council Alternate: 1747 votes

Name: Peter Farrell
EVE character: Elise Randolph
Corporation: Habitual Euthanasia(HABIT)
Alliance: Pandemic Legion(-10.0)
Useful links: Campaign thread

As one of Pandemic Legion's two entries, Elise brings to the table a working knowledge of nullsec. He is running on a platform of changing local in nullsec, boosting faction warfare, boosting mini-professions, and fixing neutral logistics. Elise also wishes to block former CSM suggestions of changes to station docking during aggression.

Council Alternate: 1341 votes

Name: Adrian Mugnieco
EVE character: Prometheus Exenthal
Corporation: Genos Occidere(GENOS)
Alliance: Pandemic Legion(-10.0)
Useful links: Campaign website, campaign thread

Prometheus Exenthal believes that EVE is at risk of becoming reserved for players with multiple accounts or large numbers of corpmates. He wants PvP to be less about the number of pilots involved, and his campaign website lists many things he believes need to be tweaked. Prometheus has not elaborated on exactly what tweaks are needed or why.

Council Alternate: 1090 votes

Name: Mikhail Andreevich Margulev
EVE character: Krutoj
Corporation: The xDEATHx Squadron(XDSQX)
Alliance: Legion of xXDEATHXx(X.I.X)
Useful links: Campaign blog, campaign thread, Lost in EVE debate

Krutoj is running on no particular platform. He believes that the CSM should be composed of the leaders of all the major nullsec alliances. On his blog, he stated that he's entering the running alongside an organised voting coalition of Elise Randolph, Seleene, The Mittani, uaxdeath, Vile Rat and Killer2.

Council Alternate: 956 votes

Name: Joshua Goldshlag
EVE character: Two step
Corporation: Aperture Harmonics(AHARM)
Alliance: K162(K162)
Useful links: Campaign blog, Campaign thread, Lost in EVE debate

Two Step is a member of Aperture Harmonics, a corporation focused on wormhole exploration. He is running on a platform of improvements to life inside wormholes. As a programmer, Two Step feels his perspective will be valuable to the CSM.

Council Alternate: 921 votes

Name: Joseph Ward Morris
EVE character: Darius III
Corporation: Interstellar eXodus(IE-EX)
Alliance: BricK sQuAD.(BR1CK)
Useful links: Campaign blog, campaign thread

Darius III is an unknown character with no campaign focus. His campaign website is a blog with a single two-line post, and parts of his campaign thread are offensive trolling. He is running on no discernable platform and has no goals.

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