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Despair not: Frogster promotes RoM Chapter IV closed beta contest


Did you watch Runes of Magic's Chapter IV trailer and instantly start glaring at the calendar that patch day hasn't arrived yet? While we can't make Chapter IV: Lands of Despair arrive any sooner, we can point you to a special contest that may get you a sneak peek at the all of zombie goodness a few weeks early!

Frogster is granting closed beta spots to players who can convince the studio that they deserve to be on the front lines of cutting-edge new content. It's fairly simple, too: Just write three sentences as to why you deserve to be part of this beta and email them in to

Runes of Magic's Chapter IV update will be in closed beta from April 6th through April 29th and will have no NDA attached. As you wait to see whether you won the contest or not, why not check out Massively's preview of Lands of Despair? Your eyes will thank you later.

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