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Breakfast Topic: Where's MY profession mount?

Melisa Todd

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

I am a leatherworker on my main, and I love my crafting. As my main is a hunter, I love to craft my own mail, emboss my bracers, and get awesome leg armor whenever I want it. But I feel like something is missing, something near and dear to my heart. I want my own crafting mount! Tailors get flying carpets. Engineers get a helicopter. Alchemists now get a dragon. Why is my poor leatherworker so unloved? Does she not slave away to make the nice armor for rogues, shaman, druids, and hunters? Should she not also get to flaunt her cool ride?

With that in mind, I decided to create fantasy rides for those poor unloved crafters without a ride of their own.

  • Standard land mount Patchwork horse to ride through the world.
  • Standard flying mount Hang glider made out of leather. Jump on and enjoy the view!
  • Epic flying mount Ultra-light made from skin -- you know you want one.
  • Standard land mount Rollerblades of speed -- zoom through The Barrens on your cool wheels.
  • Standard flying mount Mjolnir's Hammer: Strap this baby on your wrist and away you soar.
  • Epic flying mount Dual hammers, for that double pace through the sky.
  • Standard land mount Crystal ball -- think hamster wheel/ball, all shiny and glittery.
  • Standard flying mount Winged shoes; you follow in Hermes' path.
  • Epic flying mount The matching helmet to your shoes; increases your speed.
  • Standard land mount Seven League Boots -- walk like the giants.
  • Standard flying mount Wings of fire; enchant your shirt to let you fly with fiery wings.
  • Epic flying mount Wings of air; enchant your shirt to let you fly with hurricane wind.
My ideas are crazy, I will admit ... What mounts do you think these unloved crafters should have? Personally, I'm giggling at the idea of the crystal ball with a blood elf running in it!

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