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Age of Conan monthly update details new high-level content, faction grind relief

Jef Reahard

Good news abounds for fans of Funcom's Age of Conan, and game director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison has the details in today's monthly development update. The list of positive changes coming to the dark fantasy MMORPG is a long one, and it begins with two new team instances set in the Khitain capital of Paikang.

First up is the T'ian'an District, which Morrison says is "all about boss encounters." It also features a speed-run component, and doing a full clear of the zone in one attempt looks to be something only the most elite groups will manage. Next is the Ai District which features two set-piece boss battles as well as "the odd secret to be revealed from careful investigation."

The much-reviled Khitai faction grind is also receiving a makeover, though the specifics remain something of a mystery. Morrison explains that faction quest rewards will be substantially increased, but the tweaked content will also bring lockout timers, "forcing some variety into your play sessions." While Morrison doesn't specify the exact nature of the reward increases, he does indicate that we'll be able to see for ourselves very shortly on AoC's test server. Finally, Silirrion reminds PvP-focused players to vote on the Blood and Glory ruleset polls, and provides a tentative release schedule for all of the upcoming content (including the previously mentioned solo instances).

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