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Adobe demonstrates legitimate Photoshop capabilities on iPad, deems it but a concept (video)

Darren Murph

So, here's a thought. Why, if you were a dutiful Adobe employee, would you waste countless days and weeks creating what could very well be the next big iPad app, only to deem it a concept and never actually promise a real release? Exactly. During the 2011 edition of Photoshop World, a bigwig from the company took the stage in order to showcase what could soon be possible with Photoshop on-the-go, and if you've been wowed by the powers of Photoshop Express, you'll be utterly floored by what Adobe has been able to do here. The wildest part, in our estimation, is the absence of stuttering when manipulating multiple images and applying filters, but then again, they may be working with a pixel-optimized set of shots (versus a full-size RAW, for example) in this particular demo. As we said, no one's even confirming that this has any hope of breaching reality, but we're going ahead and making the outlandish assumption that Adobe's not just wasting our (and its own) time by showcasing this in public. Video's below, bub.

[Thanks, Nick]

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