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Bring your friends to RIFT for free this weekend

Jef Reahard

You have to hand it to Trion. It's pulling out all the stops to mitigate the dreaded one-month population churn that often accompanies a newly released MMORPG. First it was a series of live events and a smattering of new content for the title's 4-week anniversary, and now comes word of the Allies of the Ascended promotion.

From April 1st through April 4th, current RIFT subscribers can bring a friend, loved one, or any other type of acquaintance to the world of Telara for free. An ally code "will grant new players (excludes existing RIFT subscribers) a digital download of RIFT and access to certain features of this game during the Allies of the Ascended event."

Check the email associated with your RIFT account for further details, or head to the official website to get started.

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