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RedLynx announces iPhone/iPad game, 1000 Heroz

After teasing fans of absurdly long iOS games with a brief trailer last week, Trials HD developer RedLynx has properly revealed its upcoming platformer, 1000 Heroz. (That's pronounced "Heroes," not "Huh-raws," which makes the title sound like some kind of fancy wine.) As teased, the game unlocks a new protagonist every day for 1,000 days, each of which must race through a historical environment to collect gold and relics for players to store in their Hall of Records.

The game's press release announcement promises "the physics-based timing of Trials with the jumping of a Mario-type game." Keep those two things in mind as you check out the extremely wobbly characters featured in the game's first trailer, posted after the jump. You'll be able to start working through the catalog of Heroz sometime in April for $0.99 on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad.

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RedLynx Reveals 1000 Heroz for iPhone and iPad

March 31, 2011 (Helsinki, Finland) - RedLynx ( today announced 1000 Heroz, an original game for iPhone and iPad. With a unique mixture of platforming and racing, the game offers you something new to discover every day – for 1000 days.

Every 24 hours, you will take control of a new hero and embark on a treasure hunt through history. In total, there will be 1000 heroes to guide, 1000 levels to explore and 1000 relics to gather. The previous levels remain playable, and you can go through them to gather gold and relics for your Hall of Records.

"We've designed 1000 Heroz to last for a thousand days, so whether you play every day or play only occasionally, there's always something new for you," said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. "It's a new idea, where you can get your daily dose of Heroz right from the start."

In addition to finding relics, you can also take part in daily time-based challenges. Each level will have its own Leader Boards, so there will be intense competition every single day. You can also create a Custom League to challenge your friends.

"1000 Heroz has some of the physics-based timing of Trials with the jumping of a Mario-type game," Ilvessuo said. "Your character really runs with their feet. It's a blast to play every day."

Originally teased as a mysterious game that lasts a thousand days, a new trailer has been released showing actual gameplay footage on RedLynx TV. You can also follow @1000Heroz on Twitter for updates.

1000 Heroz is currently slated for an April release. The iPhone version will be priced at $0.99, and the iPad version will launch at $1.99.

A New Adventure Every Day for 1000 Days
Explore 1000 Levels, Guide 1000 Heroes, Gather 1000 Relics
Daily Leader Boards Competition
Challenge Your Friends in Custom Leagues
$0.99 for iPhone, $1.99 for iPad
Releasing in April

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