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April Fools: Blizzard nails it, as always

For like, the hundredth year running, Blizzard has kicked off this most dishonest of days with an overwhelming salvo of fake additions to its current and pending titles. Take, for instance, the Diablo 3 "Horadic Cube" app, which possesses the power to combine your phone's applications into super applications. Or how about the new Kinect functionality for StarCraft 2? Not since Dance Central: The Krump Imperative have we seen such feverish flailing.

The best of the bunch is clearly the World of Warcraft update, which not only adds a new, pitch-black dungeon, but also a "Dungeon Helper" named Crabby, who assists you in navigating the game's instances. Go get acquainted with your new crustacean cohort -- but we wouldn't suggest letting Clippy find out. That dude's jealous as all get-out.

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