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Homefront Xbox patch live, 'wide range of exciting DLC' inbound

Justin McElroy

In what is, perhaps, the least funny April Fools' Day gag yet, THQ has released a new patch for the Xbox 360 version of Homefront, which fixes the "profile freezing" issue that has plagued the game; similar to the one found in S.H.R.A.P.N.E.L. Squad. A few problems:

1. THQ made the announcement yesterday. (Sorry guys, against the rules)
2. The profile freeze is an actual bug -- what's funny about that?
3. The patch was actually released, so it's barely even a prank at this point.

THQ got closer with its tease of a "wide range of exciting DLC" that's in the works, but where are the hilarious details? Does the DLC turn all the guns into rubber chickens? Put bananas peels all over the battleground? You have to give us something.

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