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One Shots: The shape of things to come

With the NDA down on Black Prophecy and more and more people checking it out all the time, we're surprised we haven't seen more screenshots from this upcoming free-to-play sci-fi spaceship dogfighter mailed in to One Shots! Today's sleek image from Black Prophecy (with minimal UI) comes to us from Erik L., who writes in: "This is a view of the hyperspace chapel Apo Kata, which is one of the early hubs in the game. I think the view is a nice example of this good-looking game. If one just watches the surroundings for a short while, one can see the trails of ships leaving and arriving in the area."

If you're taking part in a beta that isn't under NDA, why not beat the crowds and send in some cool screenshots to us? It's easy to do. Gather a few images up and email them to us here at Be sure to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing in each picture. Your screenshot could be the next one we post on Massively!

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