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Atari releases over 100 Greatest Hits to the App Store


Atari is borrowing a playbook page from Capcom -- it's released an app called Atari's Greatest Hits on the New Zealand App Store, which should be here in the US by tomorrow. Like Capcom's Arcade app, Atari's new title features a ton of retro arcade hits (more than 100), all available via in-app purchase for unlimited play. Touch Arcade has the full, overwhelming list, and you can see everything in there from Asteroid to Yar's Revenge and all of it in between. Missile Command! Breakout! Centipede! This is basically a retro gaming fan's dream come true.

The way it works is that each of the in-game packs sell for 99 cents, but you can get the whole shebang for just $14.99 (and 15 bucks for all of these titles is a bargain). The app is universal, too, which means not only will it work on the iPhone, but it'll also run all of these games on the iPad -- even nicer if you have the iPad set up in ThinkGeek's soon-to-be-released iCade arcade cabinet. In fact, Atari worked with ION to make these games specifically compatible with just this device, so for an iPad, this game pack and the price of the $99 iCade, you can take a trip through time right back to the video game palaces of old.

Awesome stuff right here. Keep an eye on the App Store this evening -- the Atari's Greatest Hits app should be available soon.

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