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Class action suit filed against EA Sports over football monopoly


The Madden lawsuit season is beginning! If you bought one of EA Sports' Madden, NCAA, or even Arena Football games between 2005 and now, you might be receiving an email naming you as part of a "class" of plaintiffs in a class action suit against EA.

The case "Pecover V. Electronic Arts, Inc." claims that EA's exclusive licenses "foreclosed competition in an alleged football video game market." Because of this lack of competition, the plaintiffs in the case claim that this monopoly allowed EA to overcharge for its games (even though EA Sports games cost the same as most other mass-market console games).

Right now, you're a member of the "class" of allegedly fleeced football fans if you bought any of the games, unless you bought them on a mobile platform, pre-owned, directly from EA, or while working for EA. If you want to opt out of the class (what -- you don't want to be part of something?), you can do so by following the instructions here. We've contacted EA for comment.

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