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NCsoft aiming for Aion 2.5 test at the end of April

Jef Reahard

Aion's 2.5 update has been a long time coming. We first heard tell of the patch in early January and are happy to report that NCsoft is looking to take the wraps off the new content via the game's test servers in the next few weeks.

In a new interview at the official UK Aion website, producer Sean Neil and brand manager Dominic Wai take turns answering player-generated questions relating to the new patch, which Neil says should be "on our player test servers (PTS) at the end of April or beginning of May."

What, exactly, does 2.5 bring to the world of Atreia? Quite a lot, actually, and whether you're talking about the extensive graphical overhaul or the new Empyrean Crucible and Esoterrace dungeon instances, chances are there will be something interesting in the update for every daeva. Getting to endgame should be less of a chore as well, and while Aion still possesses one of the more daunting gear grinds in the genre, NCsoft is introducing a mentoring system in 2.5 that allows "new players [to] level up quicker with the help of a friend."

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