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WoW Moviewatch: Nica the Herbalist - Changes


Nica the Herbalist - Changes is the first full-length movie from Aedonix and Raven. This duo is just getting started in machinima, publishing their movies on YouTube under the name The Raven Bristow.

The video shows a lot of promise and effort. They clearly scripted out the movie and put a lot of time into learning how to animate WoW characters in machinima. The voice track was challenged, however, and the dialogue was a little muddied. Improving the vocals would go far in improving the film.

There's definitely talent and potential here. I especially liked the use of the Azeroth outhouse as a TARDIS. I hadn't seen that gag before, and I felt it was absolutely brilliant. That bit alone was enough to make me send the video to a few friends.

Despite several bright moments, though, I think the script could have used a little tightening. It's important in machinima to have a strong narrative whose plot points almost leap out from the screen and punch the viewer. I think stronger narrative conflicts would have helped hold audience attention, letting payoffs like the TARDIS stand as stronger punch lines.

Overall, this video was a lot of fun. I sincerely hope The Raven Bristow keeps creating videos, honing their craft, and improving their skills. There's a whole lot of potential here, and I'd like to see it realized.

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