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PlayStation emulator for Android goes free and open source


PSX4Droid, the PSOne emulator for Android that got the smackdown from Google recently, has found a surefire way of getting around the ban: Go free and open source. The latest version of the software does just that, skipping out on Google's market completely and putting both the app and the source code online for anyone to download and check out.

Developer "ZodTTD" says that the original Sony complaint only had to do with a trademarked logo that had snuck into the app's icon, but since then, Google has closed both his Android Market and CheckOut accounts, leaving him unable to publish any apps. As a result, he's self-publishing PSX4Droid, and will be exploring other third-party markets to sell the app in. In the meantime, you can go enjoy the new version, which adds better compatibility and performance, though save files from the previous version will no longer work.

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