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DSiWare animation program 'Inchworm' races toward April 25 release


Remember Inchworm? Chances are, unless you've been employed as a DS blogger for the last three years, you don't.

Inchworm Animation is a DS animation program by Bob Sabiston's Flat Black Films, the company responsible for the rotoscoped animation in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. It was shown off at GDC in 2008, and then it disappeared for a while, before being announced as a DSiWare application last year.

And now, finally, the drawing and animation app has a real release date. "Great news!," the developer announced on the website. "Inchworm Animation has been approved! It will be released as DSiWare for 500 Nintendo points on April 25, 2011." To see what kind of art you can make with that five-dollar outlay (if you are also a professional animator) check out the gallery, and watch a new trailer after the break.

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