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Engadget Mobile Podcast 083 - 04.09.2011

Trent Wolbe

They may not be humans, but Androids certainly have their own human-like politics to worry about. And who better to decipher those politics than Myriam and Vlad? No one, that's who. This week on the Engadget Mobile Podcast we go from the top of the market all the way to the bottom, from the United States to Europe and beyond, with pit stops in the Blackberry and WebOS universes. Galactic travelers, we are, condensing our findings into one easily-digestible podcast for you, the podcast listener.

Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Vlad Savov
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Daestro - Light Powered (Ghostly International)

00:00:58 - White Nexus S with AT&T 3G bands hands-on! (video)
00:17:38 - T-Mobile G2x priced at $200, coming April 15th online and April 20th in stores (update: Sidekick 4G date)
00:19:00 - Samsung Galaxy S II gets upgraded to 1.2GHz, delayed until May or June?
00:24:39 - Samsung Galaxy Prevail launches on Boost Mobile for $179 (update: hands-on!)
00:35:10 - Gingerbread update for Samsung Galaxy S to start rolling out in mid-April
00:37:20 - HP's keyboard-less webOS phone and Verizon Pre 3 leaked?
00:51:07 - Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo delayed to Q3, Arc and Play facing limited supply due to Japanese quake
00:54:05 - HTC's market capitalization reaches $33.8b, overshadows Nokia and RIM
01:01:15 - HTC Droid Incredible 2 struts its stuff in leaked press shots? (Updated)
01:02:23 - Droid X2 reappears in the wild, still indistinguishable from Droid X
01:07:15 - Verizon Wireless killing one-year contracts on April 17th, assumes you won't even care
01:08:03 - AT&T bumps early-upgrade prices for all smartphones, reminds that patience is a virtue
01:15:23 - BlackBerry Torch 2 gets an early hands-on
01:15:30 - BlackBerry Bold Touch previewed in leaked tutorials: prepare to pinch-to-zoom (updated)
01:21:30 - Nokia's Astound debuts at T-Mobile, lazily announced on Twitter
01:23:30 - Nokia T7-00 surfaces again, looks like N8 redux
01:28:10 - Nokia E7 now shipping from Amazon for $649

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