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iPhone 4 supply stabilizes in Hong Kong, China greenlights iPad 2

Dana Franklin

Supplies of the iPhone 4 in Hong Kong have nearly caught up with demand, according to a report from MacNN. The popular handset is now regularly available on the Apple online store in Hong Kong, with wait times of 5–7 business days.

Previously, Apple intermittently suspended sales of the iPhone 4 in the region, presumably in response to incredible demand. Since Hong Kong has no sales tax, visitors from mainland China and other neighboring countries would reportedly visit the region, buy as many bargain-priced iPhones as they could, bring them home and then sell them for up to twice as much on the gray market. As a result, the Apple online store in Hong Kong often listed all models of the iPhone 4 as "currently unavailable." Now, in response to increased supply or tapering sales, Hong Kong apparently has enough iPhone 4s to keep the device on sale full time.

On a related note, China certified Apple's iPad 2 for sale on the Chinese mainland last Friday. The China Compulsory Certification (3C) is mandatory for many products sold in China. Apple has yet to announce a launch date for the iPad 2 in China, but the compulsory license, which lasts until April 8, 2016, allows the company to begin official sales of the device on the Chinese mainland at any time.

The iPad 2, which is currently shipping in over two dozen countries, is scheduled to go on sale in South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong later this month.

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