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Nintendo distributing Solatorobo in Europe this year


Namco Bandai's Solatorobo: And Then to Coda was entirely charming, mechanically interesting, and technically impressive, based on our brief demo at TGS last year. So, of course, there are no signs that Namco Bandai plans to localize the DS mech action RPG for North America.

However, Europe is a different story, one that ends with "Solatorobo lived happily ever after on a retailer's shelf." Nintendo just announced that it will market and distribute the game itself in PAL territories as Solatorobo: Red the Hunter "later this year."

Cyberconnect2's Solatorobo, a sort of spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto, follows Red Savarin, a treasure hunter (who is also a dog person), who uses a mech to toss enemies and obstacles around as he explores floating islands.

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