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WDTV Live Hub and Live Plus updated with CinemaNow, new UI and better audio for Netflix


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Two of Western Digital's much-loved media players are sporting a few more features today, now that the WD TV Live Plus and WD TV Live Hub have a new update. They're now sporting the latest in Netflix interfaces (which will work in Canada but leaves it open to potentially radical changes ) but in this case assures users can search the streaming catalog and hear Dolby Digital Plus audio in movies that support it. Also included is support for CinemaNow VOD, which should bring plenty of day-and-date movie streaming (insert Redbox rumor here) for those so inclined. There's a press release after the break, but owners can just click the link corresponding to their particular unit for more detailed update information.

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Western Digital's popular media players, the WD TV® Live™ Hub and WD TV Live Plus™, now deliver content from CinemaNow® and feature new functionality from Netflix®.

Available without a subscription, CinemaNow gives WD TV users access to new-release movies, the same day they come out on DVD, and brings viewers TV episodes for many popular shows the day after they air. With over 10,000 movies and TV shows to choose from, consumers can easily rent or purchase movies on their TV screen.

The new functionality from Netflix enables members to search for movies directly on their HDTV, so a PC is no longer necessary to find movies to watch instantly, or add to the member's instant Queue. The new functionality also provides support for enhanced audio in movies streaming with Dolby Digital Plus. Finally, members can get Netflix recommendations right on their TV from Netflix.

WD TV now supports Netflix in Canada so that members in Canada can access their Netflix account on their big screen TV.


Since launching its WD TV product family in 2008, WD has sold more than 2.5 million WD TV media players. The addition of these new premium content services addresses an increased customer demand for a further expanded offering of best-in-class entertainment. WD TV users can enjoy a high-definition movie watching experience without ever leaving home!

With 1 terabyte of storage capacity, the WD TV Live Hub media center allows consumers to create a personalized media jukebox that securely stores and plays their own selection of personal media content within the connected home in up to 1080p Full-HD resolution. WD TV also includes high quality Internet-based content including YouTube®, Facebook®, Blockbuster® On Demand®, Pandora®, TuneIn Radio®, and Accuweather®.


The updates for the WD TV Live Hub media center and WD TV Live Plus media player can be found here:

All WD TV owners will receive an automatic notification.


The WD TV Live Hub and WD TV Live Plus can be purchased at select U.S. and Canadian retailers and online at MSRP for the WD TV Live Hub media center is $199.99 USD. MSRP for the WD TV Live Plus media player is $129.99 USD.

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