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Naoki Yoshida hints at future developments in latest Final Fantasy XIV letter

Eliot Lefebvre

One of the promises that Naoki Yoshida made to Final Fantasy XIV players upon taking over the job of producer was regular, open communication. It's an easy promise to make, but the producer has also followed through in the delivery with his regular letters to the community as a whole. The newest letter has just been released, promising a variety of changes and updates in tomorrow's patch 1.17 and beyond -- including hints of an additional job system supplementing the existing Armoury system.

The main thrust of this particular letter is explaining the division of labor in the game's development, with teams working on battle system revamps and improvements alongside quest teams and art teams, allowing for the game's current pace of small, rapid patches. There's also a promise that the Grand Companies will soon be unveiled on the official site, organizations which Yoshida states will be extremely important in the game's upcoming content. Final Fantasy XIV fans can read the full letter on the official forums.

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