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TouchStudio from Microsoft Research tests users' willingness to code solely on their phone

Zachary Lutz

While touchscreens bring imagery and ideas to unprecedented personal levels, unsurprisingly, they have remained entirely inadequate for building the programs that enable this humane experience. Now, a project from Microsoft Research aims to shatter this axiom with the TouchStudio development environment for Windows Phone. Enterprising coders may get their hands on the initial release of this paradigm buster in the Marketplace, where they're invited to try their hand at coding applications using only fingers on glass. The SDK includes a handful of sample scripts to get you going, along with the proper hooks to access many of the phone's built-in sensors. While this dev kit won't let you to build the next killer app by simply dragging and poking haphazardly, if you happen to prove us wrong, we really want to hear about it.

[Thanks, Fred T.]

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