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WoW Moviewatch: Archaeology


I sometimes feel like no portion of the game is really real to me until it's featured in machinima. Until someone's put the game dynamic to music and video, it just doesn't tend to stick out in my head. I've been pretty successful at ignoring Harrison Jones in Cataclysm, but thanks to Greyfoo, I'll have to learn Archaeology.

Greyfoo has put his immortal stamp on Harrison Jones. For the first time, I actually care a tad about the master of WoW antiquity. And Greyfoo's explanation of why Jones does what he does makes the character a little more empathetic.

This isn't the first time Greyfoo has changed our opinion about the game. "I hated the draenei until Exodar Disco," says Mat McCurley. "I love Velen now, and I like their story."
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