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One Shots: Purple haze

No matter whether you like Final Fantasy XIV, there's no disputing that the graphics are lush, and some would say, truly inspired. Today's shot hovers between being ethereally lovely and being a bit ominous, as the fog near the ground could hide all manner of nasty monsters just waiting to take a bite out of some weary travelers' hides. This fabulous Final Fantasy XIV image comes to us from Focant, who writes in to explain:

"After porting into Mor Dhona (I have no idea what would bring me to that hellish place) via the Camp Revenant's Toll Aetheryte, I was greeted by a truly eerie sight. A miasmic haze filled the air, darkening the landscape and turning the sky a pale lavender. The weather just highlights the dangers of the zone, a place that even a group of max-rank players have to watch their backs in. The zone is usually empty too, considering it serves little purpose beyond a few short missions and acting as a mass grave for adventurers. Well... and as eye-candy."

Next week we'll be introducing theme weeks to One Shots, kicking things off in the most logical place: starting zones! If you'd like to help us out with One Shots, then send a screenshot of what you think is the best starting zone in any game to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll post it out here for everyone to enjoy and give you the thanks!

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