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Analysts release their Q2 2011 earnings estimates


Apple will announce its quarterly earnings after the bell closes on Wednesday, April 20. The Cupertino company will unveil sales figures for the newly launched iPad 2 and possibly the Verizon iPhone. Long lines and delayed ship times indicate the iPad 2 is selling well, but early estimates suggest the Verizon iPhone is not selling as strongly as expected.

Before Apple makes these figures official, analysts are weighing in with their preview of Apple's completed quarter. In previous quarters, blogger analysts and professional analysts differed greatly in their prediction of Apple's sales figures. This quarter, though, the two groups are in relatively close agreement.

According to the predicted figures compiled by Fortune, Apple's revenue will beat its guidance of US$22 billion and land between $23 and $24 billion. iPhone sales are expected to hit the 16 to 18 million units sold mark, iPods 9.82 to 9.96 million, iPads 6.2 to 6.7 million, and Macs 3.6 to 3.7 million. For additional details, point your browser to Fortune's website where you can find a detailed chart listing the previews from approximately 50 analysts.

Be sure to mark your calendar for 5 PM on Wednesday, April 20, as we will be covering Apple's earning conference call. Join us as we discover how these estimates compare to Apple's reported numbers.

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