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Fujifilm FinePix XP30 reviewed: average ruggedized cam, with GPS

Zach Honig

With this ruggedized, GPS-equipped FinePix XP30 from Fujifilm, you won't have any trouble proving to your friends that that penguin photo your grandmother uses as her "screen saver" really was taken in Antarctica. Unless it happens to be snowing in Antarctica. Or even cloudy. This otherwise average 14.2 megapixel camera is the first to include GPS, but the gurus at Photography Blog had trouble getting a fix while testing in England. They also had issues with the battery door flipping open when the camera was dropped, and sand getting trapped in the zoom rocker -- not problems you want to see on a ruggedized cam. Like most rugged cameras, the XP30's image quality also doesn't compare to its land-limited cousins, according to the review, so this $240 Fuji might be a better bet as a second shooter than your be-all and end-all camera. Head on over to Photography Blog for the full review.

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