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Joystiq Podcast recording live here at 3:30PM ET

Want to hear all about how at the end of Portal 2 you discover it's all a dream? Or how about that part where GLaDOS becomes a real-life human? If totally fake Portal 2 spoilers are your idea of a good time, well friend ... you've come to the right place. Oh, some of what we say about Portal 2 will be totally real, like how great the co-op missions are and how very, very broke we'll all be if Valve can figure out how to sell us more of them.

Maybe you haven't been able to play Portal 2 at all and are relying on the Joystiq Podcast to provide you with vicarious thrills. Busy week at the office? A newborn keeping you up at night? A genetic inability to grok the use of portals? We're here to help. Listen below or, if you're not near a fancy computer, try the Ustream app on your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, or Android phone.

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