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    Palua allows you to quickly switch between standard and Apple function keys


    If you're an Apple keyboard or MacBook user, you'll know how useful the F1-F12 function keys can be when mapped to Apple functions such as brightness control, Expose and play controls. But what happens when you need the function keys to behave in a non-Apple mapped way? Sure you can hold down the "fn" key, but that can get a bit tedious. You could also switch the Apple and standard functions using Keyboard Preferences, leaving Apple functions under the control of the "fn" key, but again, how often do you really need the standard function keys under normal circumstances?

    This is where the tiny utility Palua, from the folks at Molowa, comes in. It's a minuscule little app that sits in your menu bar and lets you switch between standard function and Apple keys with a quick Cmd+Opt+Tab or via the menu bar. Once you're done with the standard keys, just press Cmd+Opt+Tab again, and everything will be put back to normal - simple and effective.

    If you're a photo or video editor, someone who works a lot with custom keyboard maps or you just need the standard F1-F12 keys every now and again, then the US$0.99 Palua, available from the Mac App Store, could be just the ticket.

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