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WAKFU adding two new classes, political features

Jef Reahard

Two new character classes are coming to WAKFU's ongoing closed beta. The free-to-play fantasy title developed by Ankama is adding the Enutrof and the Ecaflip to the roster of playable classes as of today's patch. While the names are certainly an unfamiliar mouthful, the classes themselves embody two long-standing adventure archetypes: the treasure-hunter (the Enutrof), and the gambler (the Ecaflip).

Ankama is also implementing major features of WAKFU's political system in today's update, among them various player governor abilities including the setting of policies and the appointment of various officials. Finally, existing WAKFU characters will be wiped, so you'll need to start anew the next time you log into the beta client.

Check out the full patch notes at the official WAKFU website.

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