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White iPhone 4 listed in Best Buy's inventory with April 27th launch date


As if we needed any more proof that the white iPhone 4 is about to be unleashed, 9to5Mac posts screenshots from a Best Buy inventory system that shows the white iPhone 4 will be released on Wednesday, April 27th. This latest hint comes after a week long series of reports and leaks from Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, and even Verizon's systems in the US.

9to5 notes that the white iPhone 4s are already en route to Best Buy stores across the US and should arrive by Monday or Tuesday. The model in the screenshot is the AT&T GSM model, but Verizon models are expected to be available on the same day. With a delay of almost a year, the white iPhone 4 seems to lack the punch it once did. But with the iPhone 5 rumored not to be appearing until September, the white iPhone 4 could be enough of an incentive for those wanting one not to hold off until the next model.

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