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Wizard101 brings forth the newest update to the test realm

Eliot Lefebvre

The newest update for Wizard101 is just around the corner, as evidenced by the update heading to the test realm as of tonight. There's a lot of content to unpack within the official patch notes, including a brand-new area and a variety of additional content for players to explore. Wintertusk, the newest area, is of course the centerpiece of the update, allowing players to continue the story of Grizzleheim. As with most new areas, players may enter with a membership or purchase the new area individually when the update goes live.

Players who are at least level 35 or 55 can obtain a pair of new spells, one for utility and one as an upgrade of a prior spell, by undertaking a new quest from Baldur Goldpaws. Lower-level players can also continue the story of Crab Alley, while higher-level characters can delve into a new dungeon in the same area. Wizard101 players can glance at the full patch notes and take a look at the gallery below for some previews of what's en route with this latest patch.

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