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Fanmade 'Golden Axe Myth' available to download, for now


A fan-created Golden Axe game called "Golden Axe Myth" is now available for download on PC. In development since 2007, Myth has been designed as prequel to the arcade/Genesis game, and features all-new graphics, music and levels, and even a downloadable artbook and soundtrack. And it all looks great! So why is it that we're feeling so sad on this otherwise happy occasion?

It's basically a total bummer to be reminded of Sega's takedown of Streets of Rage Remake just two weeks ago. Presuming that Myth will fall to the same fate, we're already feeling sad about the (future) ending of this fan creation. But that's all the more reason for you to download Golden Axe Myth while you can.

And to future fan-game developers: Just make a couple of changes! Call it "Platinum Halberd" and give the dwarf blue hair or something. It doesn't have to end in tragedy!

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