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Gearbox helps man propose via Claptrap


You can add one more feature to the list of Borderlands' Claptrap's various robotic abilities. Along with "dancin' ... dancin'!", getting angry about overlooked awards and taking over the world, you can now list "proposing marriage." That's what the wacky automatron did for one Gearbox Software fan named Ben, who reportedly found love with girlfriend Tora by playing co-op through the loot-littered FPS.

Ben contracted Gearbox to let them know how much he loved their game and the girl, and it responded by making a video for him featuring Claptrap (eventually) popping the question, which you can watch right after the break. And yes, though Ben's video of the magic moment is quite loud, she did say yes. Congrats to the happy couple, and if you're wondering where the cars live to go for a honeymoon drive, we hear Scooter can help getchu one.

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