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Ask Engadget HD: Is there a universal remote that works with Apple TV?


One unfortunate side effect of the connected TVs and set-top boxes invading living rooms is a whole new set of remotes to deal with. This week our question comes from Steven who has a stable of four remotes he'd like to slim down, but he's not sure how to make it all work:
Just bought a Samsung 51" 720p plasma. Love the TV, slight regret about not getting 1080p, but I mostly stream from my Apple TV and watch OTA broadcasts.
My question is, I have about four remotes (TV, Vizio Soundbar, Panasonic Blu-ray, Apple TV) and I can't stand it. Is a Harmony remote worth getting and will it work with my Apple TV, which is my main source for content. And if so, which model is ideal? Thanks for the help!
There you have it, it's not an overly complex situation, but we're wondering if Harmony or anyone else has a one remote solution that will take care of his issue. An alternative of course is going all app-happy on a smartphone, but we're sure if there's a simpler way some of you must have figured it out. Let us know how it's going in the comments below.

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