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FEAR 3 delayed to June 24 in the UK, June 21 in the US


Fear and surprise go hand in hand sometimes, so imagine our fearprise (surprear?) when we heard that FEAR 3's release had been pushed back a month in the UK. Originally set to launch on May 27, the game will now debut on June 24 in the UK, Warner Bros. revealed to Videogamer. No exact reason for the latest delay was provided.

In January, the game was pushed from March to May, but no specific date was announced. We contacted Warner Bros. and was told the game is now on pace to ship in the US on June 21.

FEAR 3 revolves around brothers Point Man and Paxton Fettel, sons of FEAR cover girl and downright creep-o, Alma. The third entry in the series features a "divergent co-op" experience and a plethora of multiplayer modes, which we previewed earlier this month.

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