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Maps are coming to Minecraft in Beta Update 1.6

You guys, you've got to see our latest Minecraft masterpiece! Using only the bricks included in the core game and two months of intensive, virtual labor, we've managed to completely recreate all of Red Dwarf! You can come check it out right by that mountain. Or, wait. No, sorry, it's that mountain. With the trees on it. Right? You're saying it's not there either? Oh, no. No, not again. It seems that due to Minecraft's lack of cartographical support, we've misplaced yet another magnum opus. We are, as you might expect, crushed.

If only we had held off on construction until the arrival of Beta Update 1.6 -- a patch which, alongside a few bug fixes, will allow players to craft and fill out interactive maps. Instead of becoming part of the UI, the map is an item which players will have to tote around in order to fill out. That seems like a small price to pay to ensure that none of our superstructures vanish into the ether.

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