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Seattle T-Mobile stores challenging iPhone


T-Mobile is having some fun challenging its adoptive parent AT&T and its competitor Verizon Wireless to a speed test that pits the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S 4G against the iPhone 4.

Starting Friday April 29, iPhone owners can challenge the Galaxy S 4G to see which handset is the fastest. If the iPhone beats the Galaxy S 4G in two of three tests, the iPhone owner will walk away with a cool $1000.

Before you start spending that cash prize, be aware that the Galaxy S 4G is a HSPA+ handset. It's capable of download speeds up to a blazing 21 Mbps, while the iPhone 4 is limited by its 7.2 Mbps HSDPA radio. Undoubtedly, T-Mobile chose Seattle based on the disparate speeds of the two networks in this wireless market.

If you don't mind falling for a marketing tactic, then by all means, head out to one of the participating Seattle T-Mobile stores and risk public embarrassment. Otherwise, iPhone owners may want to steer clear of their taunting T-Mobile friends for the next few days.

[Via BGR]

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