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id conducting exclusive Rage demo in Plano, TX on May 7


Live in the Dallas Fort Worth area? What's the weather like there? We only ask because it's the stomping grounds of id Software and we're hoping to check out a demo for Rage there next week. Oh, you hadn't heard? It's totally going to be at the FX Game Exchange in Plano on May 7.

We were tipped off via this Facebook event, which promises "food, drinks, giveaways, and much much more." The first live Rage demo is said to kick off at noon, though the shop will be opening its doors at 10AM local time. If you need us, we're going to pack our belongings into a polka dot bandana and neatly tie it around a stick before donning our best vagabond get-up. If you know of any vacant box cars we can hitch a ride on, be a peach and let us know? Thanks!

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