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RIFT's patch 1.2 moved to May 10th


Don't break out the updater just yet, RIFT fans -- we've learned that you are going to have to wait a little bit longer to get your hands on the game's second big update. Patch 1.2, which was tentatively scheduled for a May 4th release, has been moved back to the 10th.

Trion Worlds let us know that the patch is still being "polished, tweaked and perfected," and as such the team needs additional time to get it ready.

When we talked with Scott Hartsman a week ago about the update, he made sure to mention that all of the details about RIFT's content patch, including the date, weren't set in stone. Patch 1.2 will contain additional endgame content, the wardrobe system, and a new Looking for Group tool.

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