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That's no moon - that's a SWTOR fan site explosion! [updated]


Unless you have been sleeping in the wilds of Endor for the last couple of weeks, you know that BioWare Austin hosted its first ever fan site summit for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Impressions and developer interviews have been flooding Twitter for the last hour. There isn't a truly good way to sum up everything that is coming out of the summit, but we can attempt to give you the highlights!

Each fan site received its own exclusive screenshot like the one from SWTOR Life above. Two people from each site were invited to experience TOR with a hands-on in the origin worlds and the Black Talon flashpoint. The fan sites also had the privilege of speaking to many of the key developers of SWTOR, including Damion Schubert, Blaine Christine, and Daniel Erickson.

There is a slew of information here, so we will continue to update this post as more information trickles in!

[Update: We have rounded up the heavy hitters after the break]

Gallery: SWTOR Fan Site summit gallery | 8 Photos

SWTOUR heavy hitters
Darth Hater impressed with impressions
Sado and Dover headed to Austin to give their impression of Star Wars: The Old Republic. This included general impressions, a Bounty Hunter playthrough, an Imperial Agent playthrough, Black Talon flashpoint impressions, Q&A recording with developers, and a huge image gallery.
TorSyndicate shot screens and recorded interviews
Vall and Lord Hammer of this SWTOR social media site recorded a lot of audio for their impressions of SWTOUR. Although they promise to have more up later, they did include the audio from the Q&A session broken into pieces and an exclusive screenshot.
TOROCast mega podcast and impressions
Samm Money and Musco gathered a plethora of fansites and podcasters in the hotel room at Austin to do one gigantic podcast for their 100th episode. They have released their impressions of the Bounty Hunter class and promise more to come.
Corellian Run Radio was insanely busy this week
Besides meeting for the very first time in person, Kathy and Carla were able to get a lot done in Austin. They received an exclusive image, interviewed Georg Zoeller, recorded the Q&A, and gave their impressions of the whole experience.
Ask a Jedi asked questions
Lethality hit Austin with a bang and a camera. He put together a great gallery of his tour of the Austin studio, video-captured his interview with Damion Schubert, and uploaded the whole Q&A to Youtube.

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