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Homeland Security, FBI looking into PSN breach


The situation surrounding the PSN outage and data breach just got real. How real? The US government is now involved. The "Computer Emergency Readiness Team, "under the Department of Homeland Security, " is working with law enforcement, international partners and Sony to assess the situation," DHS spokesperson Chris Ortman told NextGov.

Did you know we had a Computer Emergency Readiness Team? That team's role is to work with affected companies to improve security and restore service, and share information with other security-related organizations to prevent future breaches.

Another federal agency is also looking into it, with a more punitive mindset. "The FBI is aware of the reports concerning the alleged intrusion into the Sony on line game server and we have been in contact with Sony concerning this matter," FBI Special Agent Darrell Foxworth told Kotaku. "We are presently reviewing the available information in an effort to determine the facts and circumstances concerning this alleged criminal activity."

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